soups & salads menu
  • 24
    Cari Ga
    Our special light curry chicken, sweet potato, carrot, coconut sauce
  • 25
    Ga Xao Cai
    Mix vegetables chicken, bean curd, garlic sauce
  • 26
    Ga Xao Gung
    Number One Favorite.
    Saigon chicken, ginger, scallions, honey sauce
  • 27
    Ga Xao Xa
    Country style lemon grass chicken, bell pepper, onion, chilies sauce
  • 28
    Suon Nuong
    Our Signature Dish!
    Grilled pork chop marinated in lemon grass, honey garlic, cucumber
  • 29
    Bo Ca Chui
    Spicy sliced flank steak, viet eggplant, pineapple, basil, string bean, lemon grass sauce
  • 30
    Bo Luc Lac
    Classic teriyaki flank steak, onion, cucumber, on bed of lettuce
  • 31
    Vit Tiem
    Braised duck leg w. ginger, shitake mushroom, mustard green
  • 32
    Cari Bo
    Spicy yellow curry flank steak, okra, string bean, coconut sauce
  • 33
    Ca Hap
    Steamed filet of stripe seabass, crystal noodles, shitake mushrooms, scallions, ginger, tofu
  • 34
    Muc Xa Ot
    Sauteed lemon grass squid, bell pepper, onion, chilies sauce
  • 35
    Ca Chien
    Crispy whole red snapper, chilies, lemon grass, cucumber, onion
  • 36
    Ca Kho To
    Country style stew monk fish, black pepper, onion, mustard green, scallion, garlic
  • 37
    Tom Cari
    Spicy curry shrimp, eggplant, onion, curry coconut sauce
  • 38
    Tom Rau Que
    Spicy shrimp, onion, mushrooms, snow peas, okra, chilies, basil sauce
  • 39
    Tom Ca Chui
    Spicy shrimp, viet eggplant, pineapple, basil, string bean, lemon grass sauce
  • 40
    Tom Muc
    Spicy squid & shrimp, onion, snow peas, in sambai sauce
  • 41
    Tom Hum
    Cracked lobster, ginger, scallions in hot sauce