lunch menu
Saigon Noodle Soup & Vermicelli
Vermicelli Served with House Soup
  • L 1
    Oxtail broth rice noodle soup, sliced beef, bean sprouts, basil lemon
  • L 2
    Mien Ga
    Shredded chicken crystal noodle soup, bean sprouts, scallion, basil, lemon
  • L 3
    Pho Cari
    Light curry seafood noodle soup, bean sprouts, hoi sin sauce
  • L 4
    Spicy lemon grass chicken, bell pepper, onions, herbs, lettuce, roasted peanut, warm vermicelli
  • L 5
    Bun Bo Nuong
    Grilled marinated beef in sesame, spring rolls, mint leaves, roasted peanuts, warm vermicelli
  • L 6
    Bun Tom
    Saute shrimp, chicken, basil leaves, mushroom, onion, peanuts, herbs, warm vermicelli, chilies
  • L 7
    Bun Ga Nuong
    BBQ marinated chicken in lemon grass, vermicelli, lettuce, mint leaves, coriander, roasted peanuts
  • L 8
    Bun Cari Cai
    Yellow curry mix vegetables, aromatic herbs, lettuce, peanuts, over warm vermicelli
  • L8B
    Banh Mi Ga Nuong
    Viet grilled chicken sandwich w. house salad
  • L8C
    Banh Mi Bo Nuong
    Viet sesame beef sandwich w. house salad
Box Lunch Menu
Served w. Vegetables Imperial Roll, Soup, Salad, Steamed Rice
  • L 9
    Suon Nuong
    Charcoal grilled pork chops marinated in lemon grass, honey garlic
  • L10
    Ga Xa Ot
    Spicy lemon grass chicken, bell pepper, onion, chilies
  • L11
    Ga Xao Gung
    Saigon chicken, ginger, scallion, honey sauce
  • L12
    Cari Ga
    Curry diced chicken, sweet potato, carrot, coconut sauce
  • L13
    Do Chay Xa Ot
    Mix vegetables w. hot pepper, mushroom, lemon grass sauce
  • L14
    Ga Nuong
    BBQ marinated chicken, cucumber, nuoc nam sauce
  • L15
    Cari Tom
    Curry shrimp, eggplant, onion, coconut milk
  • L16
    Tom Rau Que
    Spicy shrimp, onion, mushroom, chilies, basil sauce
  • L17
    Bo Luc Lac
    Classic teriyaki cube steak, cucumber
  • L18
    Ga Xao Cai
    Saute chicken, mix vegetables, mushroom & tofu, garlic sauce
  • L19
    Pho Xao
    Steamed rice not included. Wok fried rice noodles, shrimp, egg, bean sprouts, scallions & roasted peanuts on the side
  • L20
    Com Chien
    House fried rice, shrimp, pineapple, green peas, egg, bean sprouts, fresh chilies
  • L21
    Com Bo Nuong
    Grilled sesame beef, cucumber