soups & salads menu
  • 16A
    House Salad
    with soy ginger dressing
  • 16
    Watercress salad, baby green, papaya, red onion, ginger dressing
  • 17
    Goi Ga
    Spicy green papaya salad, grill marinated chicken,Romaine, roast peanuts, mints lime vinaigrette
  • 18
    Goi Bo
    Grill marinated beef, mints, carrot, cab- bage, spicy papaya, red onion, roasted peanuts, lime vinaigrette
  • 19
    Goi Tom
    Grilled shrimp, mix baby green, papaya, carrot, crispy shallot, ginger dressing
  • S1
    Goi Vit
    Shredded duck salad, sliced mango, in a light ginger dressing
  • S2
    Goi Ca
    Grilled salmon salad, mix green, cold noodles, sesame seed, ginger dressing
Saigon Noodle Soup
  • 20
    Canh Chua Tom
    Viet hot & sour shrimp soup, straw mushrooms, tomato, pineapple, bean sprouts, chilies
  • 21
    Mien Ga
    Chicken crystal noodle soup
  • 22
    Oxtail broth rice noodle soup, sliced beef, bean sprouts, basi
  • 23
    Pho Cari Bien
    Light curry seafood rice noodle soup, basil, bean sprouts, hoi sin sauce
  • S3
    Pho Sate Tom
    Shrimp sate noodle soup, bean sprout, basil, lemon
  • S4
    Pho Cai (Chicken Broth)
    Mixed vegetable noodles soup
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